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Universal Marking Fluid
This marker fluid is available in colour and clear and will fluoresce under UV light only.   Each client, throughout the world, is allocated their own unique 'DNA' in the marker and this provides court acceptable proof of ownership of a marked item.  A database is maintained recording every client's 'DNA'.  The fluid can be used to mark almost any asset including plastic, rubber, leather, vinyl, wood, cloth and most metals including tool steel, aluminium and stainless steel.  The fluid is almost impossible to remove.  The fluid is packed in 15ml bottles complete with own brush, and application is quick and easy.  On average you will obtain over 8000 marks of 15mm diameter per litre.
This is the most cost effective asset marking system available and will reduce asset loss by up to 80% almost immediately, when used with an awareness campaign.
Universal Instant
The INSTANT marker is the same as the standard Universal Marking fluid, but in addition, contains MICRODOTS. This allows for the instant recognition of ownership. The marker is available with or without the clients normal DNA. Each batch will contain a unique code. INSTANT is available in clear only.
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Bulk Spray Marker
This marker has been specifically developed for spraying onto COPPER and aluminium in cable and sheet form, canvas, rubber and timber. The marker contains the clients DNA. This marker is not for use on tool steel.
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Microdot Aerosol
These are pin-head sized dots that contain unique data.  Each can, which contains about 10000 dots in a clear adhesive, has a unique number and every user is registered on a database.  The adhesive when dry is clear but will fluoresce under UV light.  The microdots can be used on almost any item
No two cans carry the same data.  The system provides immediate identification by using a hand held illuminated reader.
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Microscope Readers
 The microscopes can be used for a wide range of purposes including stamp reading and school projects. We have two readers:

The Mini reader with LED light and fixed magnification (100x)


The Zoom reader with light and magnification between 60x and 100x.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lights/Lamps
We have a range of UV lights from a small battery operated LED Torch to mains operated desk-top models for use in banks and retail outlets.
UV LED Torch: is a small handheld 14 LED battery operated model(3AAA)  (Front)
Rechargeable: this is a portable 8watt rechargeable model, supplied complete with charger. (Back)
Desk/Counter: This is mains operated and ideal for banks and stores. (Not Shown)
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We supply barcode and other personalised labels that are not easily removed.   The label cannot be torn off and will fragment when an attempt is made to remove a label.  The labels will adhere to almost any clean surface and withstand extremes in temperature and most fluids.  The labels can be manufactured in any size and for any application: barcodes, asset and equipment identification, security warning and are used extensively on computers and other office equipment.  The labels can be personalised with company names, logos, departments, etc.
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Invisible Dusting Powders
This powder, whilst invisible to the naked eye, will fluoresce under UV light.  The powder is available in Red.  Traces of the powder is left on hands and other items that a person touches.  This powder is ideal for investigations.
Not even the scanner could detect this one
UV Pens
A UV marker pen without any unique 'DNA' for quick, easy marking of almost any item.  The mark will last for months under normal conditions, but can be removed with solvent.
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Counterfeit Money Detector Pen
This pen with a single stroke reveals whether a banknote is counterfeit or genuine.   The pen will provide up to 4000 strokes.  A dark brown line indicates a fake note and an almost invisible yellow line shows the note to be genuine.  The pen works on over 140 currencies.
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Void Security Seals
The seal indicates that an attempt has been made to remove it.  The seal shows "void opened" and will not re-seal.
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Voting Ink
We manufacture and supply voting ink in either indelible blue or invisible yellow(which fluoresces under UV light).  This ink is ideal for marking the cuticles of people who have cast their vote.  The ink leaves a stain when applied to the skin.  The invisible ink will spread if an attempt is made to remove it with any solvents.  The ink will fade after approximately 4 days.
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Fuel Colourants
We supply colourants that can be added to Petrol (Gasoline) Diesel or Paraffin. The colourants have no effect on the vehicle or the environment. One litre colourant mixes with 20 000 litres of Fuel. Available in a variety of colours.
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