DNA & Forensics


Otherwise known as a unique chemical fingerprint or code or forensic signature.
Every client worldwide is allocated their own completely unique "DNA" in the marker fluid which is registered in a secure database.
This provides court acceptable proof of ownership of a marked item.
The "DNA" is robust and cannot be destroyed over time, or through tough environmental conditions, or by fire.
A limitless number of possible unique codes or combinations is available. The "DNA" cannot be replicated by third parties.
The "DNA" is a dense information carrier, meaning that only minute quantities of the mark are necessary for successful analysis and authentication.

DNA is known in the forensics field as "evidence of conviction" because of its uniqueness. It is now accepted by the courts of justice worldwide as verified evidence of source.
DNA has become synonymous with proof of authenticity and scientific accuracy and these attributes make DNA a prime candidate for a unique security marker.

Each unique code is assigned to a secure database.
Should forensic analysis be required, the "DNA" code will be referenced back to the secure database to determine irrefutable ownership.

How It Works

Microdot Technology

Commercial grade pin head sized flat circular dots containing your unique microdot code that is registered on our secure database.

This provides instant recognition and verification of ownership as the microdots are just visible to the naked eye and the microdot code can be viewed through a mobile microscopic reader.

Instant Detection

UV pigments in the marking fluid provide instant visual detection and recognition of marked items as the marks will fluoresce or glow under specialised UV Torches or UV Lights.